Time to Listroduce™ myself!

figure I should probably do one of these (even though the followers are slim and I don't use this all too often)
  1. I'm Clare!
  2. I'll be 22 in a month and a half
  3. I just graduated university after studying leadership management and recording arts
  4. I am the proud mother of two trouble making kitties
  5. I start my first adult job with a nonprofit on Monday
    I'm both nervous and excited, that paycheck is going to help but I've never had the responsibility like this before!
  6. I love diy crafts and tiny houses
    I'm working on my third T-shirt quilt right now!
  7. I lived in London with a British family for 3.5 months as part of a business semester abroad
    And fell in love with England, Scotland and everything that comes with the two
  8. I therefore had gotten the travel bug and went abroad again to complete another course requirement while staying in the city I loved so much
  9. I love everything Harry Potter (proud member of slytherin)
    Including the Lego series games
  10. I lost my dad during my fall semester of sophomore year of college and it has since changed my perspective on everything
    I'm honestly very lucky I didn't fail that semester even though I definitely should have taken more time off.
  11. I have two tattoos:
  12. One that is half memorial, half admiration for my parents
    Just a glimpse of it
  13. The other is a Minnesota pride tattoo
    I'm the only one in my family born in Minnesota, the rest from Illinois and its a big part of who I am
  14. I grew up watching star wars with my dad and therefore cannot understand when people either haven't seen any of the movies or aren't a fan of the series (just HOW?!)
    same with Harry Potter too tbh
  15. I just got into the bullet journaling trend, I'm hoping it sticks!
  16. After I saw interstellar for the first time I couldn't stop taking or thinking about it
    That movie did things to me.
  17. I'm left handed and prefer to write in pen bc pencil disappears by the time I've finished writing anything
  18. I just started reading the Outlander series and oh man, SO GOOD
  19. I was a Lego, Polly, barbie, Betty spaghetti, spy kids, kid.
  20. I am a lush addict
    There are currently 4 products in my shower alone.
  21. I've seen Panic! At the disco 3 times
    Once in London! Now if only they would stop avoiding Minnesota then I could see them again!
  22. Lastly. I'm a new foodie, will try almost anything as long as I cannot taste the cilantro that is in many ethnic dishes
    Thai food any day.