after spending 3.5 months there, with a family, studying, I fell in love with the city and everything else with it
  1. Tea
    My homestay parents had a ritual of sorts, English breakfast in the morning and for the afternoon and peppermint tea sometimes at night. I find myself seeking comfort in a nice cup of tea.
  2. English baked beans
    Luckily I can buy the Heinz beans at world market and I can get a taste of "home"
  3. I swear I had more things...
  4. Oh yeah, thinking about when I'll get to travel again
    Looking at pictures does not help the wanderlust
  5. Still bummed we arrived in Edinburgh too late to actually go inside :(
  6. One of my all time favorite pics- from a weekend visit to Switzerland
  7. I'll most likely do more photo collages because in just going through my photos trying to find some to post, I couldn't choose!