A new semester is upon us filled with new classes and endless possibilities. I have graciously thought of some fun facts about yourself so nobody has to know about the hideously boring personality I assume you have.
  1. I once made myself cry by having a one side conversation with a cat
  2. I am fueled by cheese, my love of soft things, and a quiet drunken rage that never quite leaves my heart.
  3. I'm afraid that the love of my life was in a tissue that got thrown out in the 90’s
  4. I worry that no one will ever love me as much as my dog does, and my dog hates me.
  5. I believe that the real sin is being Michael Bay
  6. I want to get famous so I can feel like writing my name over and over again as a kid was for something. Ya know?
  7. I call my vagina the Mona Lisa cause if you look at it funny it kinda smiles at you.
  8. I could probably outrun a baby in a footrace
  9. Friends call me the Lone Ranger (or they would if I had any) but I think that makes the nickname more authentic
  10. I'm terrified of the Gremlins movies and it factors into every decision I make.
  11. Air Bud is my Citizen Kane
  12. I live in constant fear that I will never grow out of my emo phase in middle school
  13. The one thing that really gets my goat is goats getting got
  14. I saw two foxes on leashes once
  15. All my dreams are either about being lost or losing at Tetris
  16. My hobby is trying to convince my dog I’m a ghost
  17. If I could have any superpower It would be radicle softness