Having someone talk right into your ears is insanely intimate and nice. These are the ones that lull me into feelings of calm wellbeing (& occasionally sleep)
  1. Another Round - these girls can tell a story and make me guffaw. It's slick without being cold. I always learn something new.
  2. Dear Sugar - boy do they annoy me sometimes (especially Steve) but they are also wise and usually right. Mostly, I like to hear the letters more than the advice. Human life is hard.
  3. Longform- ugh, more dudiness which is why I like the lady episodes especially. They are quality interviewers who know their stuff. Always learn, always makes me wanna write.
  4. Crybabies- emotionality seems to be my thing.
  5. Call your girlfriend- interesting brains at work, effortless blend of high/low, period chat.
  6. Death, sex & money - love to see how the story is put together, love the raw moments, love Anna's chilled out style. Love it all. Even better on the re-listen.
  7. Sex lives- because sex is fascinating and they are funny.
  8. Lit Up - this is chattier, more fan girly, less smooth and all those things make me love it. I end up wanting to read every book.