Things to do when you accidentally get through airport security too fast.

  1. Walk around
  2. Get tired of carrying your stuff so you go sit down.
  3. Download podcasts you don't feel like listening to just yet.
  4. Stare at the man falling asleep across from you
  5. Gather all your stuff again and go to the bathroom after carefully fitting everything in the stall with you.
  6. Browse the duty free store, buy nothing, but chuckle because the word duty is still pretty funny despite your age.
  7. Get an overpriced water.
  8. Sit down again and check your phone to see if anyone contacted you at 7AM on a Saturday
  9. Grandmas gotta be awake. Call her!
  10. Regret calling Grandma because she lost to Dorothy last night in cards
  11. Consider starting your reading or work but decide to put it off until you're on the plane.
  12. Update Facebook with your travel plans. You're going to Minnesota- gotta post that.
  13. Hey that guy woke up!
  14. Stare at him some more
  15. Wait 2 more hours until boarding.