Best Queso in Austin

Nothing new here but here I go.
  1. Tacodeli's Roberto’s Brazo Fuerte Dip & Chips
    Hands down the best queso in Austin and also comes with non-gmo chips. Do not order their regular queso.
  2. Kerbey Lane's Queso
    The fact that you can get delicious queso 247 makes this place magical. Skip the cowboy one (black bean).
  3. Torchy's
    Pretty much the only thing I like about Torchy's. It can be a little thick but the flavor is top notch.
  4. Polvos
    Comes out almost like a platter and you can mix in your own add ons to your liking.
  5. Skip: Matts El Rancho (people need to get over this place) and El Chile (it's not queso cheese)
  6. Vivo
    Hard to say if their queso is really good or if I just get confused by their margaritas. But either way- good queso experience.
    Suggested by   @fabs