Bc I'm a loser
  1. Almost Famous: the bootleg cut
    Cameron Crowe goes into extensive detail on his personal best and even has his mom show up for a bit.
  2. Old School
    I watched this with friends (instead of in bed. In the dark. After midnight. When all my other commentary viewings were done.) and we all cracked up. I forget why but I'm sure it was funny.
  3. Knocked up
    Bill Hader does some impressions. Seth admits to never having a one night stand. (Actually most of Judd's movies have great commentaries. On Superbad, he yells at Jonah).
  4. Felicity (season 2, episode 2)
    Because Keri and Scott do the commentary together you remember that they dated in real life and that the chemistry IS STILL THERE.
  5. West Wing pilot
    Bc Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme wrote the best pilot ever.
  6. Swingers
    Vince and Jon actually bust out a pen and draw on the screen.