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Jam/jelly/preserve... You know what I mean. Don't be that guy.
  1. Strawberry
  2. Raspberry
  3. Apple
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  1. Feeling like a truck driving under a low bridge when you walk under hanging decorations.
    Am I gunna hit it? I'm gunna hit it. Maybe I'll fit. *hits it*
  2. Smacking your head as you duck into a car
  3. People comment on your height like its something you never knew before
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While the relationship didn't workout, at least I still have these
  1. Wearing jeans that made my butt look good
  2. Eggs in a basket
    Cut a hole in bread, cook the egg inside
  3. Making your bed everyday is life changing
  4. PB&J is better toasted
  1. 🛎
  2. 🀄️
  3. 🤑
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