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*almost, i still have to finish submitting the art portfolio tomorrow morning
  1. wowza
in the process of making sew-on patches for my jacket out of canvas, acrylic paint, and embroidery floss - these are a few patches in the painting stage
  1. new york
    + excelsior, the state motto meaning "ever upward"
  2. violin
    gonna add shine to the wood part & strings of blue thread
  3. labrys
    symbol of feminism/lesbianism 😛
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or, things I don't delete from my phone
  1. old alarms
    I have no less than 71 alarms (not set) because I never delete them. One highlight: a 6:15 am one labelled "GET BAGELS W JACK." It was from my birthday, when my best friend picked me up before work for a mini-celebration by the river.
  2. the "favorites" album in photos
    funny snapchats i favorited to make them easier to find for birthday posts, pictures of my art to track works in progress, pictures of leaves
  3. abandoned WordPalette entries
    scraps of poetry from this lovely app, which is super helpful for writer's block
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for @biz and for owen and for everyone who misses them
  1. It feels almost like thievery to claim grief
  2. As though I knew you well enough in life for love
  3. *
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so just finished volunteering at this summer academic program for local underprivileged kids who don't have the resources for a good education during the school year & my job now is to write a reflection on it - i thought listing would help but i also just miss it lots so i thought i should share :)
  1. the kids were the cutest
    there's this lil mush named Ludwin who falls down a lot and claims it's because he's still getting used to his human legs after years as a sandwich walking on his sandwich corners...apparently he has sandwich brothers and sisters all over the world, "even in Asia"
  2. part 2
    another lil mush named Jack was this perpetually smiling kid who told us that he just wanted to make people laugh by saying silly things! i had a secret handshake with him, and he liked to turn my baseball backwards and say "oh look, it's cool izzy!" also, when my friend, a fellow volunteer, rolled onto the ground when he got tired, jack came over, stood above him and observed, "he needs some milk!" then walked away. amazing.
  3. it's incredible how much kids can grow in just a couple weeks
    we talked a lot about leadership the first week, and by the second week i was seeing this shy kid (also named Jack) speak up during drama and volunteer to present his final history project third. plus, during english, a girl named sam had clearly taken the lead during a conversation, but at one point stepped back and said, "actually i've kind of talked a lot during this discussion, so if you guys want to go you can!" i loved seeing her exemplify what we said about how leadership takes listening
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  1. hola kiddos
  2. i have decided to start subscribing to podcasts after falling in love with the NYTimes' "Modern Love" series and i was hoping yall might have some suggestions
  3. lmk!
  4. #replylist
currently working on a portrait of a friend and i wanted to update yall as i go :) // inspired by @boygirlparty
  1. yay
  2. woooo
  3. 10/17 edit: clearly I lost track of the "live" in "live drawing" but this is what became of this piece...
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Inspired by @semioccasional // an acrostic poem because im seven years old
  1. Remember,
  2. Only
  3. You
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Inspired by @fairy and @amieshmamie
  1. ppl who think classic rock is the only real music
    s t o p
  2. black coffee
    why do yall keep pretending this shit is good
  3. winter after december
    whats the point
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more like @lesbian appreciation but its fINE
  1. ok so
  2. @socks told me to join this app
  3. and she told me about how supportive and sweet everyone is and how easy it is to make friends and how funny all the lists are
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