List App Appreciation

more like @lesbian appreciation but its fINE
  1. ok so
  2. @socks told me to join this app
  3. and she told me about how supportive and sweet everyone is and how easy it is to make friends and how funny all the lists are
  4. and i was so pumped so now i am here
  5. and yall are as cool & funny & cute as cara said
  6. and you'll appreciate this adorable thing bc @lesbian requested this and i just got back from a week of exams + the sat to this and its so cute & im so happy BYE
  7. look at this !!! 😍😍😍
  8. @lesbian this is the third time ur tagged in this post but THANK U ILY
    ok like only the R's are different but still
    Suggested by   @lesbian