for @biz and for owen and for everyone who misses them
  1. It feels almost like thievery to claim grief
  2. As though I knew you well enough in life for love
  3. *
  4. I know nothing
  5. Of loss, of survivor's guilt
  6. Except sideways, half-distorted, tangential
  7. *
  8. I know only the rippling memories
  9. Sending aftershocks tearing through the very earth
  10. They loose my brothers and sisters into wild skies
  11. I watch helplessly
  12. Lunge and grab at their smoke hands
  13. Rescue empty air
  14. *
  15. I stand in sudden silence under the blank, unholy sun
  16. _________
  17. there's a lot more to say that i don't know how to say/that others have already said. all i can think right now: much love to the people i love who are suffering, but also so much love to everyone who is grieving. we need better care for mental illness. we need more people who are so kind and so tolerant, so talented and open-minded and loving. ❤️
  18. Rest in peace. You are in my thoughts always.