Things to Love About Moms

fact: my mom is the cutest person in the whole world. additional fact: i ❤️ momz will be the name of my band and you can fight me about it
  1. first of all
    if you dont have a mom/a good mom then thats a-ok i will be ur mom & this list can just be about rad female role models
  2. when moms talk shit
    !!!!! yoo when moms talk shit u know its gonna be so accurate but sO savage but its also gonna be funny bc its coming out of the mouth of a small fuzzy mom
  3. when moms pack you food
    i never eat breakfast bc im always late but sometimes my mom will make me tea or a sandwich or something bc she doesn't want me to starve and it's so great
  4. when moms love your friends
    literally my mom buys presents for my friends bc she'll see something and be like oh this person would like it!! and its a little bold but its v cute
  5. when moms get fun nicknames
    jack and i refer to our moms as bex (rebecca) and xtina (cristina) respectively - together they are the unstoppable force known as bextina
  6. when moms are small
    10/10 adorable bc also you know they can get so much shit done but they are also v huggable
  7. when moms get down w gossip
    luv exchanging drama with moms
  8. when moms keep your life on track
    real talk it can be hard to hear but we need people to help us stay focused on the big picture
  9. when moms surprise you
    not to sound too materialistic, but my mom sometimes brings back flowers or notebooks or little pies from work and its highkey the best
  10. when moms try to use teenage slang
    they're genuinely trying to relate to you, which is gr9 but doesn't stop it from being funny
  11. when moms put up with all your shit
    it's scientifically proven that moms are 10x more patient than the average human being, and can withstand 10x more physical and emotional pressure while still being happy and loving you and taking care of you
  12. when moms aren't small or fuzzy or huggable
    Hillary Clinton = badass mom, moms are great caretakers AND mentors AND leaders/bosses/community builders and they don't have to be cute and adorable to achieve all these things because the magnitude of their accomplishments speaks for itself
  13. when moms sacrifice their happiness for yours
    v real :')