Most Attractive American Sports Players

By American I mean they play in American leagues just fyi,,,,, and they're all guys cause I literally could name maybe 3 female athletes sry
  1. Tyler Eifert—Cincinnati Bengals, NFL
    Such a fucking hunk. He's tall (6'6") and gorgeous and those eYES
  2. Cam Newton—Carolina Panthers, NFL
    Great smile and great muscles. Please let him win in the Super Bowl against the Broncos. Amen.
  3. Rob Gronkowski—New England Patriots, NFL
  4. Brady Quinn—ex-Miami Dolphins, NFL
    Currently a free agent, but locked down in our hearts. Honestly, go look up more pictures of him rn. He's so fucking cute I can't take it
  5. Danilo Gallinari—Denver Nuggets, NBA
    Cute and with lots of boyish charm, if you're into that sort of thing. Modeled for Armani.
  6. Derrick Rose—Chicago Bulls, NBA
    Sexy. Makes a lot of 💰💰💰 bc every Bulls fan has about six-seven jerseys w his name on it. Never plays due to his never ending injuries, so he'll always be home!
  7. Andrew Ference—Edmonton Oilers, NHL
    He cute. I like his tattoos
  8. Brendan Smith—Detroit Red Wings, NHL
    Has a less attractive brother on the Bruins, I think.
  9. Daniel Norris—Detroit Tigers, MLB
    He goes from lookin like a 35 yr old lumberjack with his big beard to shaving and looking like a 23 yr old fratboy I love it
  10. Trevor Plouffe—Minnesota Twins, MLB
    I am a big fan of his pretty eyes and pretty house
  11. David Wright—New York Mets, MLB
    New Yorker so I'm biased but he's gorgeous all my friends have crushes on him too
  12. Some honorable mentions:
  13. Kelly Olynyk—Boston Celtics, NBA
    The fucking love of my entire life he's such a doofus i have an entire photo album on my phone dedicated to bad pictures of him I love him I scream so loudly whenever I go to Boston and he hits his fucking free throws I'm lame af #BleedGreen #CelticsLife
  14. Bartolo Colon—New York Mets
    He's called Big Sexy for a reason.