Ilysm @meg1
  1. This is Potbelly
    S'real cute
  2. As per the Wikipedia page, Potbelly is "a publicly traded restaurant chain that sells submarine sandwiches in the United States."
  3. The sandwiches are pretty good
  4. The first one I went to was in Virginia, but I normally go to one in New York City.
  5. That's beside the point
  6. Honestly
  7. The sandwiches are okay. They're pretty good.
  8. I usually go for the meatball sub.
  9. But
  10. The chili
  11. The fucking chili
  12. IS SO GOOD
  13. IT'S SOOOOOOooOoOooOooOOO gOod
  14. I love it
  15. I swear by it
  16. It's better than Wendy's or Smashburger's or literally any place else
  17. I implore you
  18. Go to your nearest Potbelly location
  19. And buy a large right now
  20. You will not regret it