Probably the Best Pictures You'll Ever See of Me

I suck at looking good at pictures but here are some of the Winners
  1. Ight so this was my boyfriend and I on this past Halloween as Joker and Harley Quinn. I DRUNKENLY took this flawless photograph with the selfie camera and I am like too proud at how it turned out. ALSO LOOK AT MY CHEEKBONES #LMK
  2. My eyes and my butt just look good idk I love this one
  3. Took this right after I got my nails done, peep the Cornell shirt which I literally only bought because of my love for Andy Bernard
  4. B r o w s look tight for once I wish they looked so good all the time
  5. Same here
  6. More of the man and I
  7. Shiny shirt & heart sunglasses, taken as I blasted Blondie's Heart of Glass
  8. Yeah I model
  9. Not
  10. More wannabe modeling lol
  11. Ma hurr looked real pretty
  12. Eating a Crumbs cupcake. Have u ever had a fucking Crumbs cupcake they fuckin SLAY
  13. Once upon a time I was blonde and tan
  14. Best one
  15. Das all thnk u for looking cutie patootie