Tips for Job Interviews?

  1. So I'm applying to become a summer camp counselor tomorrow morning
  2. I'm super nervous
  3. It's not my first interview. But I'm just a little shaky since my first one was last year
  4. I've never met anyone at the camp
    Only briefly spoken with one of the reps over the phone to schedule the interview
  5. And I've never had a job involving children before
  6. But I'm looking
    I want to be an elementary school teacher when I'm all grown up. I love kids and I've babysat and all that before, just nothing on the books.
  7. I'm the type of person that likes being as prepared for situations as possible
  8. So does anybody have any job interview tips?
    It would be so helpful and I'd be grateful for any and all help!
  9. Be confident. A lot of the work is learned on the job, so if you explain to them that you are capable of picking up quickly, then you should do great on your interview!
    Suggested by   @margaretyoko
  10. Ask questions! In my mind, if you're asking questions then you're informing the employer of our interest in the job (like you wouldn't be asking questions in you weren't interested???)
    Suggested by   @alanarogerrrrs
  11. Be enthusiastic and show that you're excited about the job.
    Suggested by   @alanarogerrrrs
  12. It's a good idea to read the mission statement for whatever company/organization you are interviewing with (or that is putting on the camp, in your case) so you can answer the questions "What are they trying to accomplish, first and foremost?" and "What do they value?"
    Then you can custom fit your answers to what you know they look for in people. It doesn't hurt to say, "well I read your mission statement and ______ resonated with me because..." bc then they know that you did your research and you care.
    Suggested by   @bredee
  13. The best question to ask an employer in the "any questions for me" time: "What does SUCCESS look like in this position?"
    Suggested by   @whirledpeas