Why the Pledge of Allegiance Sucks

I'm American and I 💘 America etc etc but this is starting to piss me off k
  1. "Under God."
  2. It needs to go.
  3. While it is true
    that the United States was perhaps built upon Christian beliefs
  4. And at one point in time,
    the phrase was used to unite the country (I.e. the Cold War)
  5. All it does in modern day America is hinder unification.
  6. People in our country span across a huge array of belief systems—
    Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Atheism, Agnosticism, among so many others.
  7. The current pledge containing that phrase almost serves to discredit those who don't believe in an almighty "God."
  8. This is a terrible thing.
  9. For a country who served as a beacon for religious freedom,
  10. For a country who works so tirelessly to keep a separation between religion and state,
  11. You'd think someone would have removed this utterly imposing phrase by now.
  12. If the pledge truly seeks to unite all people in the country,
    it should leave race, religion, sexuality, and gender, among other things, very far away from it.
  13. It should bring everyone together, and it currently can't—
    When you only mention a handful of beliefs among a sea of hundreds in a national recitation, you're excluding others and hindering unification altogether.
  14. To be welcoming to people of all kinds, as America is traditionally known to be,
  15. It must remove this dividing phrase.