This is a strange list of sorts. It is coming from quite a jumbled mind.
  1. My mom passed away 8 days ago.
    I never realized how much that would impact certain areas of my life. I now feel this pressure to follow my dreams, experience things and just "do" especially since my mother wasn't able to.
  2. So I'm documenting a list of the goals and dreams I have for the next 12 months. Since it's much easier to organize my thoughts into a list than just swim around in my brain.
  3. 1. Plant winter vegetables in my garden
    Including squashes, Brussels and perhaps some cauliflower.
  4. 2. Declutter and downsize
    My husband and I want to purchase some land and put a micro cottage on it. We want to downsize from our current 1300 sq ft home and with that comes lots of purging. I cannot wait to get rid of all my junk. :) We are thinking somewhere in the 800 sq ft range.
  5. 3. Get things settled with my mom's "estate".
    It's so weird to think about it. But when a parent dies there is so much to do. And she was divorced so my sister and I are now doing the necessary things. And it's hanging over my head like a gray cloud.
  6. 4. Plan our next trip.
    Since our last big trip was cool weather we are thinking warm weather destinations. We put travel plans on hold while my mom was sick so now we are itching to go somewhere. We are considering Tulum, the Virgin Islands or the Keys.
  7. 5. Save more money for travel.
    By downsizing our home (I.e. Mortgage) we want to save more money to travel and "experience" things with. This would be more of a regular thing to travel.
  8. 6. Pare down my wardrobe.
    I have a job now that is casual attire so I don't really need all my business casual clothing. Time to purge!!
  9. 7. Continue my quest to be more healthy.
    This includes weight loss, being more active and also spiritually and mentally healthy.