1. Donkeys
    Specifically mini donkeys but all donkeys matter.
  2. Raccoons
    They are smart, cute and can run on two legs while holding things.
  3. Mini Cows
    Not regular cows.
  4. Sea Lions
    Smart, cute, not evil and have opposable fins.
  5. Hewitt
    Suggested by   @iammeghanmurray
  6. Blue-Footed Boobie
    Suggested by   @WhelmedDad
  7. Moose. They're just so powerful and antler-y
    Suggested by   @LauraM
  8. Pandas
    I mean cmon 😍🐼
    Suggested by   @torihyder
  9. Sea otters
    My friends tag me in videos and photos daily of sea otters just floating around. It's adorable and immediately turns my day around.
    Suggested by   @michellejennifer
  10. Snow leopard
    Because their tails are as long as their bodies and they bite them 😍
    Suggested by   @aida
  11. SLOTHS
    Suggested by   @luchag