Inspired by @amieshmamie. This doesn't include photography. I have lots of photos too!
  1. Francine
    Still probably one of my favorite pieces.
  2. Pineapple Fountain
    From a local Charleston, SC painter.
  3. Rainbow Row
    From same Charleston painter
  4. Shem Creek
    A digital painting by local Charleston artist Paul Silva.
  5. Leafy thing
    Made by me.
  6. Sea Star
    Purchased with its cousin Jelly.
  7. Jelly.
    My attempt to correct the world that these are not fish. They are invertebrates.
  8. Hanging in the guest bathroom over the toilet.
    Get it?? GET IT??
  9. In the guest bedroom.
    Initially attracted to the colors over the cliche words.
  10. I love this little owl!!
  11. In the man cave.
    I inherited this one when I got married.
  12. This one too.
    And there are 2 more besides these. Sigh.
  13. Because I like them. No other reason.