A PSA...
  1. Barbecue (noun)
    In the Southern states this is an actual type of cooked food. It's usually pulled or chopped pork.
  2. Barbecue (verb)
    The process of smoking or cooking meat over a flame for a long time. You can barbecue chicken, pork or beef (like brisket). This is not what you do with hamburgers and hot dogs.
  3. Cook Out (verb)
    Cooking food on a grill. This is usually where you have burgers, hot dogs, maybe kielbasa for your Yankee friends and a variety of mayonnaise laden sides like potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.
  4. Cookout (noun)
    This is a delicious fast food chain that is second to none. You can buy a barbecue sandwich at Cookout. But you cannot cook out at Cookout because they cook for you, duh.
  5. Clear as mud, right?