I follow quite a few "insta famous" people. But there are some things I just cannot stand...
  1. Stop it with your damn weight loss tea hawking. They don't work. And they are effing expensive. No one wants to pay $100 for some tea bags that make you have The Dinareenas.
    Taco Bell is way cheaper, way more delicious and has the same cleansing effects.
  2. Just say No to inspirational quotes
    If I wanted to be bombarded with inspo quotes, I would search for them on Pinterest.
  3. No more than three hashtags per post.
    Choose wisely. And stop trying to be slick and put them in the comments. I see your gigantic word cloud in the comments. And I judge you.
  4. Your tattoo is boring.
    Unless it is legit something that is cool...most of the time I'm rolling my eyes and scrolling past your photo.
  5. Variety is the spice of life.
    You post the same stinking picture of your chicken, green beans and weight loss tea every day. I'm bored with you. We're done.