Requested by @aus10
  1. I'm splitting this list into my favorite pair of shoes I own and then my favorite pair of shoes in the world. (Meaning...I could never own.)
  2. These are my favorite pair of shoes I own. They are also pretty symbolic of my personality.
    Sensible: They are flats and not 6" heels. Practical: they are black/neutral. Stylish: the almond or pointed toe makes them stylish. Whimsical: the studded sides give them that little something extra that makes them unique. Budget-conscious: they were less than $20 on Amazon.
  3. These are my favorite pair of shoes in the entire world. I will most likely never be able to own them but a girl can dream right?
    Sergio Rossi mermaid cage booties...$1800. Sensible: they are not. Practical: absolutely not. Stylish: probably not really, but who cares?! Whimsical: the most whimsy of all. Budget-conscious: absolutely not. Nor would I entertain the idea of paying more than my mortgage on shoes...but they sure are gorgeous!!