This is what I've overheard so far... (from him and/or his friends)
  1. That's just like a broke ass goblin to steal that shit.
  2. Person 1: Can you not just straight up heal me now?
    Person 2: I only have a few healing spells.
  3. You can fish and maybe sell it in town to the townspeople.
  4. Muffin, set the trap!
    Roll D20.
  5. Elves don't need to sleep...they meditate deeply.
  6. Person 1: We're gonna sleep for 8 hours so I can recover my spell.
    Person 2: Muffin is getting a little saucy, isn't she?
  7. You come across a goblin who was watching you overnight.
  8. I'm a level 15 wizard!
  9. Why would there not be fine sand on the bank and a rose petal in the woods?
    Good question.