Requested by Amie


Because there is clearly a hierarchy.
  1. 5. Pinkie Pie
    PP is the least coolest pony because, quite frankly, she so damn annoying. From her laugh to her tricks/pranks to her general joyfully-over-the-top personality, she will quickly give you cavities with her sugary sweet antics.
  2. 4. Twilight Sparkle
    Her element is magic but she's got no personality. The only reasons she's not the lowest rank is because she's a unicorn filly and she's nowhere near as annoying as Pinkie Pie. She later becomes a princess which is kinda cool.
  3. 3. Apple Jack
    Apple Jack has some fire! She's got a Southern accent and her element is honesty. She's an Earth pony so she can't fly but she's still pretty cool!
  4. 2. Rarity
    Rarity is a unicorn pony who owns a fashion boutique. How cool is that!?! She also has a great English accent which makes her instantly cool. (As do all British accents.) Her element is generosity.
  5. 1. Rainbow Dash
    It's no surprise that Rainbow Dash is the best pony. She controls the weather as a Pegasus pony and her element is loyalty...which I value very highly. She has a pet tortoise named Tank and she's just awesome.