Requested by Amie


  1. Bright white only between Easter and Labor Day.
    Off white or "winter white" the rest of the time.
  2. Avoid wearing nude, pale pink or tan colored clothing.
    I am much too pale for those colors...
  3. Conversely you can't go wrong with a nice pair of nude pumps.
    For work or dress!
  4. Showing arms is only appropriate in a select few situations.
    Beach or pool, summer vacation nights or outdoor summer weddings.
  5. A flowy top should be worn with fitted bottoms.
    And flowy bottoms need a structured, fitted top.
  6. Cardigans are life.
    All seasons!
  7. Any plain outfit can be jazzed up with killer shoes and/or accessories.
  8. Neutrals worn alone are 👎🏽