Two of my favorite shows have an awful lot in common with each other.
  1. Parks & Rec (P&R) creators Greg Daniels and Mike Schur both wrote for The Office
  2. Toby + Michael in The Office (TO) have a unique one-sided hatred that is very similar to that between all of the P&R characters and Jerry Gergich.
  3. Each show's main character has a quirky personality (Leslie Knope and Michael Scott) that (spoiler alert) starts single and ends up marrying someone they work with. Each one also takes a break from dating the person they eventually marry because of a work protocol that prohibits them from dating.
  4. Rashida Jones has a recurring role in both shows as Ann Perkins on P&R and Karen Filippelli on TO.
  5. Both shows have a slightly daft main character (Leslie/Michael), a character of Indian descent (Tom/Kelly), an older white male (Jerry/Kevin), a goofy character named Andy, a morose female character (April/Angela), a slightly funny-yet-loveable and kinda hot male character (Ben/Jim).
  6. Spoiler alert: Jim and Pam's original wedding plan gets slightly derailed and they end up getting married on a boat at Niagra falls. Ben and Leslie's original wedding plans were derailed twice and they ended up marrying back on at City Hall.
  7. Rob Huebel plays Holly's boyfriend and eventual fiancée AJ in TO and Harvey Spielyorm in an episode on season 6 of P&R.