As a native Southerner, I'm obvs qualified to make this list. This is ranked by majority opinion.
  1. 10. Pecan Pie
    The gooier, the better.
  2. 9. Biscuits and Gravy
    None of that brown gravy mess. It must be white sausage gravy.
  3. 8. Collard Greens
    Prep is key, here. Lots of vinegar.
  4. 7. Sweet Tea
    Though I don't love it so much, it's prevalence outside of the Southeastern US would indicate its popularity.
  5. 6. Grits
    Best with cheese and butter, IMO. My coastal brethren enjoy it with shrimp.
  6. 5. Banana Pudding
    Made with custard and not pudding mix. Never use a mix!
  7. 4. Pulled Pork Barbecue
    I should really do a whole list for barbecue in the South. Whether it be mustard based, vinegar based or tomato based, it's all good!
  8. 3. Assorted beans, prepared with fatback or ham
    Black eyed peas, green beans, Lima beans, butter beans, etc.
  9. 2. Okra
    Best fried. Good sautéed.
  10. 1. Fried Chicken
    Once you have genuine cast-iron fried buttermilk dipped chicken you will never be satisfied by chain restaurant fried chicken again. Trust me.