Requested by Luis G


One of my guilty pleasures is RuPaul's Drag Race. I love it so much. If I were to make a dream squad with queens from the show, my choices would be:
  1. Alyssa Edwards
    Obvi. She's one fierce B and could choreograph my dances. You know...all the dances I need to do on a regular basis...
  2. Latrice MF Royale
    She would be our squad encourager.
  3. Jujubee
    Yasss girl. Comedic relief and all-around gal pal.
  4. Katya
    See above. Same reason!
  5. Detox
    The muscle. She will fight whoever needs fighting and get us a good table at a booked restaurant.
  6. Bianca Del Rio
    She's amazing and ridiculous and hilarious.
  7. Ginger Minj
    She was one of my favorites in her season and would be such a great friend!
  8. Trixie Mattel
    She is also comedic relief. Sensing a theme here?!
  9. Kim Chi
    She's smart, funny and a killer makeup artist and costume designer! She could do drag makeup for me...and I would slay!