Because I realized I only have one list that talks about The Office and since it is my favorite show OF ALL is worthy of its own.
  1. When you can't physically high five but must celebrate at that moment.
  2. When you realize your boss is watching your computer screen and might have seen you browsing Zulily.
  3. When you work up enough courage (with the help of alcohol) to tell someone how you really feel about them.
  4. When you feel forced to like kale. No one REALLY likes kale.
  5. Every time someone crosses you.
  6. Finishing a really good show on Netflix.
  7. Dual scenarios:
    1. You have got to fart but can't. So much pressure is building but you can't let it out. 2. Your grandma asks you to build her an online dating profile. Or is that just me?
  8. When someone who is "list app famous" likes, comments or relists you.