And it's COULDN'T not could. Saying "I could care less..." means you actually do care a lot.
  1. Being blocked by someone on social media.
    Okay bye....
  2. Your children's first day of school pictures.
  3. People that base real life friendships with others according to trivial things like a political affiliation or a social issue.
    Life is way more important. Get over yourself. Just be friends with people because you like them. And if you genuinely don't like them then don't force yourself to be friends.
  4. Shady bitches that try to come for me at work.
    Have fun spending your time trying to make me miserable when your own life is boring and lame.
  5. Baseball and golf.
    All of it. Boring af.
  6. Wings
    They are disgusting, messy and way too much work for the meat yield. No thanks.
  7. Adults that are extremely insecure.
    It's not my job to make you feel secure nor will I play into your insecurity. You are like any other person to me.
  8. Beer.
    Giphy downsized medium
    Shocker, I know.