JOMO is similar to FOMO but it stands for Joy Of Missing Out. Meaning, these are things I enjoy missing out on.
    Or any car racing. I'm good with knowing nothing and caring none.
  2. Coffee
    I'm okay not having an expensive habit like if I could just drop my cocaine habit. Just kidding.
  3. Certain TV show maesthons
    Seinfeld. Friends. Breaking Bad. Anything with more than 10 seasons... It's just too much to even try so I'm blissfully ignorant.
  4. Heated political arguments
    Let's just agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  5. Lord of the Rings
    As much as it pains my husband that I don't care about it, I still am blissfully ignorant of LOTR crap.
  6. Magic the Gathering
    Don't care. Don't want to care.
  7. Sororities
    Not knocking them. But I'm glad I wasn't in one. :)