Hashtag no ragrets.
  1. I am a married woman of 32 with no children living in a 1300 sq. foot townhouse.
    And I have a cleaning lady.
  2. Most of the furniture in my house is from Ikea.
    Or inherited.
  3. The fact that I'm seriously considering buying an eyeshadow palette because it is based on and themed for My Little Pony.
    See next item.
  4. I love My Little Pony.
    My 31st birthday was themed for it actually.
  5. My husband and I do not want children.
  6. My collection of Kate Spade purses and wallets.
  7. That most of the shoes I wear these days are variations of Crocs.
    In my defense they are good for my plantar fasciitis and they make cute sandals, wedges and flats.
  8. That I love Red Baron Classic Crust pepperoni Pizza more than any other kind.
    And it's frozen...so I can have it anytime!