1. YouTube videos I should have made
  2. Future lists I should make
  3. What I ate/drank so close to bedtime that could be keeping me up
  4. What it would be like to have retractable claws
  5. What temperature adjustments I could make that might help me
  6. The projects I am currently working on
  7. Instagram videos I'd never have to guts to make
  8. Would it be better to just stay awake at this point?
  9. What qualifies as a sleeping problem? Should I talk to a doctor? What if I technically never get enough sleep? What if all I've ever known is sub-par sleep quality and I have to take a pill that helps me sleep? Will I mourn for all of those years of lost or bad sleep?
    This is a stream of consciousness thought.
  10. How does one determine the percentage of Native American blood they have? Do you just keep dividing by 2?