Traveling (the actual travel part of it) gives me immense anxiety for a number of reasons...
  1. Fear of navigating the airport parking lot/shuttles/etc.
  2. Passing security.
    No matter what some random thing always sets off the detector. And then there's immense pressure to put everything in the correct bins and getting everything put back in before the other bins coming out of the detector come crashing into yours.
  3. Finding the right gate.
  4. Falling down on the many moving sidewalks.
    As a person who falls from simply standing up this is a legit fear.
  5. Being the last boarding zone on a full flight and not being able to fit my carry on luggage.
  6. Any travel logistics outside of flying. (Rental cars, subways, public transportation)
  7. Fear of lost luggage
  8. Being next to an overly chatty person on the plane. Or a smelly person. Or an open-mouth breather.