It's a proven fact.
  1. When you are running late you will only hit red lights. Conversely when you have a lot of time and are trying to get somewhere slowly you will only hit green lights.
    This has been expertly proven by me.
  2. Picking what you think is the shortest checkout line will inevitably mean that you actually picked the one with the longest wait.
    Because Granny in front of you uses all of her coupons, writes a check and then needs management assistance when her $1 off coupon doesn't ring up.
  3. The smoke alarm starts chirping because of a low the middle of the night.
  4. You will be unbearably comfortable for the first 2 times you wear brand new jeans.
  5. A feeling of sadness when you reach the end of an incredibly riveting book series.
  6. If you're running late, your gas light comes on.
    Suggested by @justjills