Inspired by @DCB
  1. When in doubt, overdress
  2. Eat a little chocolate everyday
    It helps me avoid murdering people
  3. Never pay full price for anything
    With the exception of bills, duh.
  4. Conversely, buying the cheapest version of everything isn't always ideal
    Examples: Cars, sheets, shoes, makeup, meat, etc.
  5. Keep my opinions to myself unless directly asked
  6. Pray often
  7. Never trust anyone that says that McDonald's doesn't have the best french fries
    You don't need that kind of negativity in your life
  8. Avoid ACP
    "Always Complaining People" - they are the worst. And if you are one, strive to not be. No one likes a complainer.
  9. Smile at people
    Strangers, neighbors, coworkers...smiles are contagious
  10. Strive to treat others better than they treat you
    This means giving grace, forgiveness, being kind and being patient
  11. Tidy my living area and kitchen daily
    This makes for a stress free April
  12. Avoid clutter
    Clutter is my worst enemy especially in the kitchen. Cleared countertops are key!!