a Monday tradition
  1. 7:32 AM
    why would you get up this early, class isn't until 9
  2. 7:45 AM
    no need to wash your hair today, you only have one class today
  3. 8:00 AM
    I'm not that hungry and I'll just eat an apple on the way there anyway
  4. 8:10 AM
    putting on a sweatshirt and jeans takes like five minutes why would I get up this early
  5. 8:20 AM
    ok but these will be like the last 5 minutes of glorious sleep this morning. If you wake up at 8:25 you can come home and nap after class!!!
  6. in reality I could have woken up at 8:38 but I am a freak who has to be at least 5 minutes early to everything