just things that I am thinking about that are making me laugh as I am feeling sad today
  1. when TV shows or movies bleep out the cuss words
    Arrested Development does this so funny
  2. when my friend Anna softly sings without even realizing it
  3. whenever that guy walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope or whatever and his flared jeans were flapping in the wind
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  4. when Stephanie Pratt said that hamsters grew up to be Guinea pigs
  5. when marky mark fingers Reese Witherspoon on that roller coaster on Fear
  6. anything Dwayne the Rock Johnson posts on Instagram
    THIS is not a making fun of him laugh it is a pure joyous laugh I love the Rock
    of the Budweiser fame, I know I suck
  8. saying "hello, it's me" when answering the phone
    I did this before the Adele song I am mad that she stole my catchphrase