1. there are houses and little slabs of wood that are roads? and then the l shapes are cities
    how are l shapes cities?
  2. you have to be two roads away from another settlement? ok I get the title
  3. wait they were just doing a preliminary thing before game started?
  4. ????
  5. they're rolling the dice now!!!
  6. these resources don't seem enough to make a settlement
    rocks brick sheep wheat and logs.... where is the people resource... who is building this shit
  7. you give back resources to lay down a road
    this is logical, this is making sense
  8. there is trading of resources
    why.. this seems illegal is this a universal move?
  9. a robber comes into play that you get when you roll a 7
    what the shit ???
  10. I can tell this game requires a lot of cussing each other out
    I like that part, seems cathartic
  11. you can block people's settlements
    this is a dick move but encouraged
  12. you can trade 4 resources for 1 resource
    stupid but I get the necessity
  13. what is this knighting business
  14. lots of what do ya got and what do ya need
    classic game talk
  15. you really have to be focused and thoughtful about the moves
    definitely couldn't play this drunk
  16. I have checked out
    this takes too long I'm going to go eat a sandwich