1. Because she's amazing than anything in the whole world around me
  2. @Debby is inspiring me
  3. @Debby is a great role model for younger kids and teens
  4. Love her selfies @Debby
  5. She's my everything
  6. Obsessed with @Debby
  7. I write her name in my notebook #Everywhere in the book with hearts inside @Debby
  8. She's sooooooooooo pretty just the way you are debby
  9. Your very talented
  10. Your a amazing director on Jessie when you did those episodes
  11. Loved your acting career
  12. Loved you on suite life on deck
  13. Loved you ever since you were on barney, and suite life and Jessie
  14. Love your band the most too
  15. Your friends are funny
  16. @Debby you make me laugh every time
  17. Cats are like your thing
  18. Your fans love you @Debby
  19. Miss Jessie too though
  20. I Love You @Debby LOTS
  21. @Debby is my role model and I look up to her
  22. I care about @Debby she is my role model and I love debby lots