First impressions of from a UX design perspective

It's like Twitter meets BuzzFeed meets Instagram meets my old fashioned, paper to do lists
  1. Super mobile first 📲
    You can only read only on web - all other interactions are primarily mobile only
  2. Super easy sign up ⏰
    Onboarding was fast and simple, with the requirement of connection Twitter and/or FB
  3. Super social 📌
    Posting a list requires Twitter and/or Facebook
  4. Super helpful
    Tips would sparingly pop up to offer helpful tips
  5. Super GIFy
    Gifs are easier to upload than your own pictures
  6. Super Emogi-friendly 😻💃🏻🍀🎯🌈
  7. Super star studded ✨⭐️🌟
    How'd they already know I love Lena Dunham??