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  1. K so I've been gone a long time because a lot of stuff has happened
  2. first off one of my friends killed himself so I've been dealing with that
  3. Also I was just in two shows so I didn't have time to post
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  1. when I dropped hints about me being asexual in front of my mom she said that there was medically something wrong with me
  2. despite the fact that I have enough information for myself about asexuality I feel like I don't have enough information to be an expert and explain it to my parents
  3. I have this paranoid feeling that the second I come out to my parents I will find that I'm not actually asexual
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  1. I care about you
  2. I hope you take a step forward in at least one of the many paths you are on
  3. It's okay if you take a step back
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  1. White Dreads
    My least favorite form of cultural appropriation
  2. Guns
  3. Guys being casting as girl characters to make it "more funny"
    very demeaning to comediennes
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  1. She started just by singing on YouTube
  2. She knew she would be able to follow her dreams even if she didn't win the Voice
  3. She made it fine to be an artist while being open about being a nerd
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  1. "You must be joking. You're too happy of a person to be suicidal."
  2. "You should try harder to do your homework. Homework is the backbone of your future you know."
  3. "It's so cute that you want to be an actor."
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Ok ListApp be prepared because normally I'm very self deprecating but I agree with Hannah on this one. My haircut is hella cute. I'M SO HAPPY BECAUSE I GOT IT FOR A PLAY I'M IN BECAUSE MY DIRECTOR TOLD ME TO DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH MY HAIR but anyways look at my hair cause it's so friggin cute
  1. Look
  2. at
  3. me
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  1. I really struggle when it comes to writing
  2. Since I plan on going into theatre I definitely need to improve my writing
  3. My Instagram @/clareforthewin is basically a mini blog because I post pretty pics with basically whatever I'm thinking in the caption (follow me if you like)
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