Keep I mind none of these are in chronological order
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    I'm a woman actor who is obsessed with Hamilton. When that article trended it made me very happy.
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    Post high five about an immature joke I made.
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    Best play ever that I saw in Scotland was "Swallow". (Don't worry I didn't take this I got it from the theatre's website) It should also be stated that my seat was directly to the left of the woman on the box so that was really cool to be that close.
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    Ceiled!!! (Or however you spell it)
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    Humorous moment when I was the only student in the group to get a child ticket
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    pre soapy smith we took a mini photo shoot because the lighting was really good.
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    The Royal Military Tattoo was phenomenal.
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    Ice skating in Edinburgh!!!
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    Great theatre great workshop. Someday I want to go back to the Globe.
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    We met Michael Che after his show the first day in Edinburgh.
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    Not Scotland related. In early October we went on a trip to see Misery on Broadway. It rained. During the free time we went to the Richard Rogers theatre and we saw Andrew Rannells enter the stage door.
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    A toddler walked up to me while I was reading to my friend my favorite monologue from Once.
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    Another New York photo because we're such tourists.
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    I was used as a shield for someone who didn't want their picture taken at my friend's sweet sixteen.
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    Madrigals w/ best friend!!
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    Picture outside the Military Tattoo.
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    "Clare, can you take a picture of that band? My camera died and I want a picture of that band." (In small town in Scotland)
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    I really wanted to sit at the front of the top of the double decker bus in Edinburgh.
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    Our stop in DC before flying to London.
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    First show at my school that I was in.!! 4.48 psychosis. I loved the cast.
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    4.48 Psychosis part 2
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    Second show at my school that I was in. I was Cassandra/Hermione in Oresteia.
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    Group picture from Oresteia.
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    I got my braces off!!
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    2 cool 4 hoco (literally)
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    My brother came to see my off-off-Broadway debut!!!!
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    Really good hair day
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    Dream team + Pat