Here are the on the record predictions I have for tonight!!
  1. Best Picture: The Martian❌
    To be honest I've only seen The Martian, The Big Short, and Spotlight. Spotlight and The Big Short don't really have happy ending so I think that people will end up voting for The Martian because they actually save him in the end.
  2. Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio✅
    Everyone is rooting for him. Probably even the members of the Academy. And I'll be sooooo mad if Eddie Redmayne wins for the second time in a row because MICHAEL KEATON SHOULD'VE WON FOR BIRDMAN.
  3. Best Actress: Brie Larson✅
    Tbh I didn't even SEE Room. I just have seen some of her other movies and I bet she was great in Room.
  4. Best Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone❌
    I am sorry if I offend you by saying this but death comes in threes Alan Rickman (aged 69 just made a movie) David Bowie (aged 69 just made an album) and Sylvester Stallone makes sense (aged 69 just won his first golden globe and Oscar) also I heard that he was amazing in Creed (I made this prediction before the guy from the Eagles died but I still think Sylvester Stallone)
  5. Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander✅
    She was amazing in The Danish Girl
  6. Best Director: Adam McKay The Big Short❌
    He's never made a movie based on a serious concept and he did it with a little twang of humor that made it work.
  7. Animated Feature Film: Inside Out✅
  8. Best Costumes: The Danish Girl❌
    The clothes were pretty
  9. Documentary Feature: Amy✅
    I heard it was really good and everyone loves Amy Winehouse
  10. Documentary Short: Last Day of Freedom❌
    This is solely based on the title I haven't seen any of them
  11. Makeup and Hair Styling: Mad Max: Fury Road✅
    Never saw it but from the trailers it looks very much like they are living in the apocalypse not like in other dystopian movies where the characters look like Barbie dolls that don't need to do any grooming whatsoever.
  12. Original Song: "Writing's On The Wall" Sam Smith✅
    One of the only things I enjoyed about Spectre.
  13. Cinematography: Carol❌
    Didn't see it. Just looked aesthetically pleasing.
  14. Best Adapted Screenplay: Room❌
    Idk this is more of an educated guess
  15. Best Original Screenplay: Ex Machina ❌
    Didn't see it. Educated guess. It looks really good.