high schoolers are jerks
  1. "You must be joking. You're too happy of a person to be suicidal."
  2. "You should try harder to do your homework. Homework is the backbone of your future you know."
  3. "It's so cute that you want to be an actor."
  4. "That very emotional song you sang in choir was so cute."
  5. "Just work through it."
  6. "If you don't feel sexual attraction then there is something seriously wrong with you that you need to get checked out."
  7. "Romantic attraction and sexual attraction are the same thing."
  8. "Girls aren't funny."
  9. "What is wrong with you?"
  10. "You shouldn't have cut your hair so short."
  11. "Really? You're planning on growing your hair back out? But I like it short."