Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. okay so this is the word for word speech so leave now if you don't want to hear it.
  3. I am an asexual heteroromantic girl and I hate it so much when I even show a little bit of it I get shut down.
  4. I'm not very open about being asexual because I'm a very closed book. I'm paranoid that some of my friends will stop being friends with me because of my sexual orientation.
  5. One time when I was watching a movie with my mom there was a sex scene in it and she said "do you have any questions?" I impulsively answered "I'm not really interested in that." and she said that there was something wrong with me.
  6. Tonight during dinner my mom said "Remember that time that you said that you've never been sexually attractive to anyone? There's no shame in actually admitting that you have sexual feelings."
  7. It's so f***ing frustrating (yay alliteration!) when you can go on the Internet and find so many famous queer people except for aces. There's a few, don't get me wrong but I hate it when there's people on the lists who "celibated for religious reasons" or "called of sex forever after their sexual partner died" like NO. THAT'S NOT ASEXUAL
  8. Another annoying element is that I'm all for feminism but I'm afraid that if I were to be more open about my sexual orientation than people would be like "you've never have/will be called a s*** or w**** so don't call me out for using those words" or "you can't be pro-choice if you'll never be in the position to have to make that choice"
  9. The above statements are very fantastical I know but I'm a very paranoid person.
  10. One time I was very hurt because I said something like "I like that picture because I'm in it." and my friend said "I hate the fact that you can get away with saying stuff like that because you're an innocent little girl." (I think this might be more of a sexism thing than an a phobic thing but like I said before, I'm paranoid).
  11. I'm also paranoid that I'll die alone because I doubt there's someone out there who would actually be interested in a sexless romantic relationship with me :,) :,(
  12. Thank you if you read that and thank you for not reading it because you knew you would be bored :)
  13. I will leave you with the definition of asexual that I identify with:
  14. asexual: not being sexually attracted to anyone.