Things I Will Never Understand

  1. White Dreads
    My least favorite form of cultural appropriation
  2. Guns
  3. Guys being casting as girl characters to make it "more funny"
    very demeaning to comediennes
  4. Italians with olive skin getting away with being casted as Hispanic characters
    this shouldn't really bother me as much as it does because it doesn't really concern me it's just shitty when a character literally says "people don't think I'm Hispanic they think I'm Italian" when in reality they are Italian
  5. White people being cast as POC characters
    there is a tiny list of shows that contain all POC so pls don't try to white wash it
  6. Teachers who don't give a shit about mental health
  7. People who use the word "bipolar" candidly
    your teacher isn't bipolar. my sister is. bitch.
  8. people who tell you a story you told them but claim it as their own
  9. People who won't invite me to stuff because I'm "too innocent"
    screw you ****** ******** and ***** *******
  10. People who feel the need to pull complete strangers aside to tell them how much they disapprove of their cell phone use.
    Pokemon Go is great for getting people out when used safely
  11. People who think it's better to not vote then choose between two candidates that they don't like
    take advantage of the fact that you live in a freaking democracy
  12. People who have seen Hamilton and said that it was "mediocre"
    LIKE WTF. If you didn't like it please keep it to yourself. Also someone with time traveling abilities may overhear and make sure to change the fact that you saw Hamilton.
  13. Actors that count how many lines their character has
    like what ???
  14. people who are way too quick to call music trash
    If you actually expect me to listen to diplo or A$AP you better as HELL give Foxes or any of my fav original cast recordings a chance
  15. People who regard middle school as the time of their life
    Pretty sure some of these people were bffs with the girls that bullied me
  16. People who think PC culture has ruined comedy