Requested by Jay


  1. Amy Pond
    She has a sense of style that I want, she makes up stuff as she goes, and she's fashionably confused a lot of the time.
  2. Clara Oswald
    Smart and cool but she doesn't get good until later in her time.
  3. Liz Lemon
    1 syllable first name followed by 2 syllable last name. Also people don't really take her seriously.
  4. 11th Doctor
    V happy on outside v sad on inside
  5. John Watson
    Cares about someone who doesn't really (like to show that they) care about him
  6. Ellie Miller
    Frustrated about frustrating things frequently. Also curly dark hair.
  7. 10th Doctor
    Most people say "haha. what?" when they're around him
  8. Leslie Knope
    Overenthusiastic. Gets sad very easily. Also big Ben Wyatt fan
  9. Jenna Maroney
    Just slightly full of myself
  10. Kenneth Parcell
    Positive yet passive
  11. The talking pile of money from that one episode of 30 Rock
    Because I quote it a lot
  12. Tom Haverford
    My catchphrase is also "Noooooo"
  13. Lil Sebastian
    I am part horse because my name rhymes with Mare Horsey (two words that both mean horse)
  14. Tina Belcher
    I groan a lot and drawn out lying stresses me out
  15. Ferb Fletcher
    I also get myself into a lot of social events via my more social sibling
  16. The robot from crashbox who every time the system overloads he puts wires in a random spot and then eats a donut
    I don't know what I'm doing but I do know that I like donuts
  17. Sue Ellen
    When someone tells me I'm not gonna get the part and then I do despite the temptation I don't rub it in their face
  18. Donna Noble
    Apologizes for things that aren't her fault
  19. Rory Williams
    Underrated friend who doesn't appear in the opening credits for quite a few episodes
  20. Louise Belcher
    Gets away with saying whatever she wants even though people perceive her as a little girl