Somethings he does when travelling and picks up along the way.
  1. Check the currency exchange before you leave. You'll be suprised that the worst rate at home is better than the best at your destination. Credit card rates can be suprisingly awesome.
  2. In a developing country, where the public transport system is run by different companies, get a single way ticket instead of the day pass. You might wonder around and won't need the day pass. You probably will be heading back to the hotel through a different route.
  3. You can never go wrong with local food and you should try them. If you're really craving for something foreign, and that's only if, find a chain restaurant or a highly rated one (be prepared for the price on this one though.)
  4. You should know your drug of choice before you travel. Strepsil could do wonders for that irritating sore throat of yours when the doctor prescribed medicine does nothing but make you dozy.
  5. The weather forecast is your buddy. Install the app, check online, call the news station, whatever every few hours. But unless you're in the Middle East, always prepare a poncho or a small umbrella wherever you go. Do not trust the weather forecast when it comes to rain.
  6. Find out about the best hotels on booking, agoda, tripadvisor whatever. Then contact the hotels directly to get their cheaper and sometimes better rooms that they don't sell on those websites. You might not need the tv, the aircond or even the attached bathroom.
  7. Flight tickets are somehow cheapest two to three months before the travel date. Book them then.